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Bad News: XMAS PARTY Show & Drag 2011 DVD Canceled

BAD NEWS: What seemed to start out in a normal flow of things, ends abruptly with no trace.

It wasn’t our “old faithful” handling the production of the MOONEYES XMAS PARTY Show & Drag 2011, as it had been for the previous years. Although the filming was said to be complete, the footage we were told was taken and the process was even reported as started, the final stage of production went astray. We even made the DVD jacket and disc label (shown above)…

It started out as “on schedule” at the end of December in 2011 but got delayed several times. After a final chase several months down the line, we lost contact. Unfortunately, we were unable to successfully reconnect and have been forced to cancel the release of our DVD. This is a disappointment for MOONEYES and the event. We were looking forward to its release as I’m sure many of you were too. We are truly sorry for the trouble and any inconvenience this may cause. MOONEYES will be more selective and critical in the future.