Mooneyes Hawaii

On the island of Oahu in the state of Hawaii, you can purchase MQQNEYES products. Heading towards Waikiki from the Honolulu Airport it’s about 10 minutes by car. Turn right down Sand Island Access Road and it’s on the left side at the first stoplight. You’ll find it at Ron’s Performance Center.
They also carry a MQQNEYES Hawaii T-shirt that’s only available in Honolulu. If you are in Hawaii and get a chance, please stop by for a visit.

MQQNEYES Corner inside the Ron’s Performance Center store

The MQQNEYES Hawaii T-shirt includes a MQQNEYES Hawaii sticker.

T-shirt available in black only.

MQQNEYES Hawaii, Honolulu sticker

I purchased this T-shirt during my visit to Hawaii in 1977.
Back then, Oahu had place for drag races and funny cars too.
It feels like just a short time ago but it’s already been 40 years.

This is also from 1977

rons7_4806 rons8_4808
This photo is from 1977 and features an El Camino parked along Kapiolani Park.