MOONEYES USA XMAS Party Show & Drag Gallery

MOON SPACE AGENCY Osanai’s USA Trip Report

at Irwindale Speedway, Irwindale, CA


In the early morning hours before the sun was even thinking about rising, a line of cars had already gathered outside of the complex. Each year for at least a decade now, it’s been a year-end tradition. The excitement of this event is like no other event in Southern California. Cars gather. People gather. This event has become a reunion and end-of-the-year get together with friends old and new, far and near. This is true Southern California. This is true car culture. It’s a roots event setup by non other than a little old company that loves good ol’ traditional ways. Irwindale Speedway has been the spot ever since this little get together grew too big for the parking lot at MOONEYES USA in Santa Fe Springs, CA. We only hope that Irwindale Speedway sticks around for another decade so that we can carry on this tradition each year. Thank you to everyone for being a part of our event. We truly appreciate your continued support over the years and look forward to many more.


Mooneyes International Magazine (MIM16)

We recently added MIM16 to our online store. MIM16 is Mooneyes Japan’s part magazine and part catalog. They release two issues each year; one being a full product catalog of Mooneyes offerings and the other, although also included a mini catalog, is focused on their Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show. The latest issue, MIM16, takes on a revised name of Mooneyes International Magazine as the magazine has gone through a publisher change as well an overall image and focus change.

calendar-cover calendar-spread

To commemorate this change, this issue comes with a special 13-month calendar featuring vintage photographs taken by the Dean Moon. With the back cover of the calendar, there are actually 14 images. All black and white photos, this wall calendar will surely add to any garage or office. Open and hanging, it measures approximately 11 3/4″ wide and 14 1/2″ long (vertically). Enjoy a nostalgic photograph from Dean Moon with each calendar month. This calendar is not sold separately and is only available with this issue of MIM.

Table of Contents:




View and order online (here)

Rat Fink Party 2015 Sweden

The #11 show was a great success again ! Sunshine and lots of cars and bikes.
About 400 cars and 100 bikes.

For the second year we hosted the final in Miss Pinup Scandinavia, so we had a bunch of lovely ladies with us 🙂
We gave out hand painted Moon dics made put selected pinstripe artists as awards.
Niklas Wall got Most Bitchin Bike with his blown Thrimph
Janne Bodin got Hottest Hot Rod with his -32 pickup
Robert Pellbrink got Coolest Custom with his -50 Buick

We wanna thank everyone that came and had a great day with us and wish they all welcome back next year ! 🙂

Håkan Johansson
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_DSC0467m _DSC0475m _DSC0476m

_DSC0518m _DSC0537m 1

Mooneyes Xmas Party Show & Drag 2015 Poster

Mooneyes Xmas Party Show & Drag 2015
Save the date: Saturday December 12, 2015
at Irwindale Speedway
500 Speedway Dr. Irwindale, CA 91706

Rain or shine

Where the CQQLEST people and CQQLEST cars gather!
Car Show
Run what’cha Brung 1/8 mile drags
Pinup Contest
Live music
Hot Rods, Customs, Choppers and more

More details about vendor applications, drag race and car show registrations to be announced.
For all inquiries please contact or call direct (562) 944-6311

Switzerland Art & Wheels

I attended an event called Art and Wheels located in the town of Basel in Switzerland.
It was the first time this event was held.
The bikes on display were all invited by the event promoters and exhibited together with the art. The event had a very “at Home” feeling to it.

swiss2015_073 swiss2015_075 swiss2015_076 swiss2015_079 swiss2015_081 swiss2015_104 swiss2015_114 swiss2015_115 swiss2015_092 swiss2015_121

On Sunday I visited, MQQNEYES Authorized Dealer, Custom Parts and Wear. I introduced them in my last blog post. Below is the inside of their shop.

swiss2015_1141 swiss2015_180 swiss2015_173 swiss2015_175 swiss2015_176 swiss2015_208

Other than this car, there were many cars being worked on in their garage.

After a shop tour, we went for a cruise in David’s car to another hot rod shop.

swiss2015_1183 swiss2015_320 swiss2015_283
Schaub Metal Works
The very young owner of this shop is only 29 years old.

Fischer Classic Cars

swiss2015_1190 swiss2015_1201

This crate is from the French Army and was said to have a complete flathead motor inside.
The hook on the top is used for parachute latches and such.

swiss2015_346 swiss2015_1208

Apparently a nuclear power plant is nearby.

swiss2015_1224 swiss2015_1219
Going through the countryside, up a mountain road, we came to “Andy’s Tiki Bar” restaurant.
A Swiss Tiki for some reason has a nice ring to it.

swiss2015_368 swiss2015_376

swiss2015_1233 swiss2015_407
It started to get dark at around 9PM.

A streetcar that ran passed the hotel I stayed at.

When I returned home to (Honmoku) Yokohama, Japan I stopped at MQQN Cafe.
An ice cold beer does in fact taste great!!

by Shige Suganuma

MOONEYES Open House 2015

Mooneyes Open House at our show in Santa Fe Springs, CA from 9am-3pm (rain or shine). Live music with the Hot Rod Trio, DJ Dan Moses, the coolest cars and bikes rolling in all day, in-store special sale and Chico’s world famous hamburgers!

Location: MOONEYES
Address: 10820 S NORWALK BLVD in Santa Fe Springs, CA
Date/Time: Saturday July 11, 2015 from 9am-3pm
Rain or Shine

MOONEYES Facebook:


MOON Bike Show Sweden 2015

sweden2015-00MOONEYES Sweden held their annual MOON Bike Show on March 7, 2015 in Avesta, Sweden.
Hank from MOONEYES Sweden sent photo highlights and said, “The quality of bikes was awesome and we are getting more and more premiere showings of new built bikes for the year.”

He added, “We also broke the record again on spectators, and we are noticing that people are coming from further and further away.”

Here are photos from this year’s show: