MOON Cafe Jesolo, Italy

May 18, 2011 ITALY. A close distance from world famous tourist and historic destination Venice, Italy is the resort town of Jesolo Beach and now home to the newly opened MOON Cafe Italy. After 20 years of being in business, MOON Cafe has its very first franchise.
Situated next to a cart-course race track, this weekend there was a motorcycle event taking place.
MOON Cafe is actually a unique American style restaurant in Italy. The main menu features hamburgers as well as pizza, sandwiches and light meals including an Italian menu and full bar as well.
Operating hours are from 8AM to the late hours of 2AM, that’s 1.5 times longer hours than in Japan.
The terrace is huge and open air really makes it feel original to MOON Cafe Italy.
If you ever take a vacation or travel to Venice, Italy, be sure to make a stop at Jesolo Beach for a visit.

The first thing you see from a distance is the MOON Cafe sign and open terrace.

Owner Alberto’s BSA Bobber.

I had sent uniforms just like we use in Japan by express mail but there were being held at Customs in Rome.

The stools are arranged along the counter with plenty of space.

Of course, they have the same box seats that are very popular in Japan.

This is their menu.

The full staff ranges from 4-8 and on this day there were four of them.
Everyone with big smiles is very welcoming. Owner Alberto said, “First Rule is Smile.”

Wildman’s newly designed T-shirt was a popular seller. The two choppers are said to be from Sweden.

Evening time. The neon lights look really great.

After it’s dark.

Wildman painted a Grand Opening Disc. Owner Alberto (Left) and Italian Pinstriper Blaster (Right) are holding it together. They both attend HCS each year so I’m sure many people recognize them.

Yes, MOON Fuel Tank!

Showcase 1

Showcase 2

The Bar and counter.

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