How to Video Series: Automotive Port-O-Walls

Uploaded a second video featuring a light version how to install Port-O-Walls on automotive tires. This would be slightly difficult to do without the use of a machine, in this case the tire mounter thinga-mabopper. But, it also gives you a visual as to how it’s done so that you can explain it to “the tire guy” if you have to bring the Port-O-Wall to your nearest garage. We have received several emails in the past where a customer said the garage had never installed a Port-O-Walls before and/or looked at the customer confused, like, “Yous wanna do whuh? Tollets round thu coner.” (of course, maybe taking it to a different garage would be a better idea…)

So here it is, Port-O-Wall, white ribbon, white wall topper, installation how to video for Autos. We use a early wide-5 VW wheel and tire to mount this Port-O-Wall. Fairly simple to do, especially with the machine.
White  Walls White Walls and White  Ribbon Skinny White Ribbon Skinny

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